Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moving to Sydney

I finally got a full-time job - yay! After a year of searching I managed to secure a position as a graduate with a healthcare company. Over the next two years I'll be learning how to manage health services, and eventually look at taking on a role as a manager - although the outcome is quite flexible depending on which way I want to go. The only catch is that I have to move to Sydney for at least twelve months to work in each department.

I will be moving in a few weeks, and while in many ways I know this will be a new adventure, I am also nervous. Sydney is such a big city, with so many people compared to Brisbane, not to mention the high rental prices and the awful traffic. I'm trying to concentrate on the new experiences instead; I've never lived in a inner-city 'young persons' suburb before, and I am excited about going to the Sydney Finders Keepers markets, along with many other events and places this year. I hope house-hunting won't be too difficult.

With that said anyone who might still be following this blog will notice I have not been posting much this year, and to be honest I couldn't say if there will be many posts to follow. Blogging was a fun hobby when I had copious amounts of time, but I cannot see the validity of this blog since I have no desire to derive an income from it. It's more likely that I will keep my Instagram and Lomography accounts public, and leave everything else for friends on Facebook or in real life.

Having said that if you are keen to stay in touch please follow me on bloglovin' as Google reader will be shutting down! Or as always, Instagram.


  1. Congratulations on the job - it sounds like an exciting move and I wish you well!

    I do hope that you will find inspiration and continue to blog, as I did enjoy reading it, but if not, all the best in whatever direction your life leads you in x


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