Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter coats

Stil in Berlin - Stella McCartney - Stil in Berlin - Stil in Berlin

Karen Walker - Stil in Berlin - Stella McCartney - Street Style Aesthetic

Nothing makes winter better than owning a big jacket to keep you warm and shield you from the icy winds. This year has been particularly cold in Brisbane (or maybe it was just summer for too long), so I've been eyeing these big structured jackets for cold nights and frosty mornings. I love the simple shape and structure, and while greys and blacks are a popular choice, the bright vintage colours also appeal to me. Wearing colour in winter is always a winner for me because it helps combat those icky-winter feelings, but the versatile and budget-friendly blacks and greys have their place too, especially if you work somewhere conservative.
Having said that I doubt I'll be investing in any more winter clothes anytime soon, it's been about 20°C during the daytime, I've been able to stay indoors, and I have a raging fever, so I've felt quite toasty.

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  1. That green Stella one is my favourite, what a colour! Hope you get better soon! xx S

  2. Definitely some very lust worthy coats there! I've actually not really had my coat on much this winter, but this is probably because I'm rarely outside in the early morning and evenings. I love the temperature it is during the day though...I wish it would just be 20-25C all year round, and none of that damn humidity :P

    Hope you get better soon :)


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