Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Abbey Medieval Festival 2011


knight fight



kestral - it does what it wants


weasel hat




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Yesterday I went to The Abbey Medieval Festival in Caboolture, just north of Brisbane. I went last year as well, and it was just as good. This time I took my Mum and little sister; every year Mum says how she would like to go, but never organises to go despite loving medieval culture and dress. So this year I made it happen.

It is really well organised every year - parking, seating, events, decoration, accuracy - everything. The only thing that can't be helped is the arrogance of others - like people sitting on the ground at the entrance to places, they usually get stepped on without an apology. Then that's nothing new.

Whenever I tell people where I'm going I get this look - everyone seems to think it's for nerds and losers, but honestly these are probably the same people that think drinking to the point of being sick is cool.To emphasize my point - it is really fun, and you end up learning some cool things. I have a mainly English background with some German and Spanish in there too (not to mention half the other European countries, I'm sure), so I find it interesting learning about the sort of culture that my ancestors came from, which is not something I often think about. Quite a lot of periods and cultural groups are represented, from the Crusaders to the Gypsies and everything in between.

It's worth going to see people bash each other heads in (really, ambulances turn up), hunting birds fly around, traditional art and music, costumes and the plethora of other things that are there. The bird show was quite funny as the falcon flew away and decided it wasn't coming back for a little while. You could see it doing figure-8's in the distance. Unfortunately it was too windy to fly the massive eagle, which was a bit disappointing, but maybe next year.

I ate some Hungarian langos, which is soooo good and such a guilty pleasure. I'm sure that I killed part of my heart because it's basically a deep fried flat bread, topped with cheese, garlic and sour cream. To ensure that my coronary arteries would be nice and full I also indulged in some strawberries and cream. Now I'll just have to eat vegetables for a week.

One of my favourite stalls was 'Jack the Medieval Furrier'. Now, I know some of you will be jumping out of you skin at the mention, but I'm just not worried about fur as long as it's not endangered, and it was killed humanely. We found an awesome hat with the weasel attached, as you can see above. It was so crazy seeing what lots of different animals felt like - they had beaver, squirrel, weasel, rabbit and so many more. If I'm still around Brisbane next year I'll definitely buy a pretty lilac cape that I saw at another stall.

Please note: This is not a forum for discussion on vegetarianism/animal rights blah blah. There are plenty of forums out there those discussions and you comments here will only be a waste of time. Get off your computer and go do something if you are that passionate.


  1. Ohhh yet another thing I would have gone to if I wasn't so damn lazy haha! It really looks great, I wasn't sure how it would be but seeing these great photos of it makes me want to go next time.

    Look, I spend my time in museums, libraries and coffee shops. My idea of a good time is having dinner somewhere refined on Eagle St Pier, and maybe ONE beer or cocktail if I'm feeling really adventurous.

    So when you said;

    "Whenever I tell people where I'm going I get this look - everyone seems to think it's for nerds and losers, but honestly these are probably the same people that think drinking to the point of being sick is cool."

    All I could think was SO TRUE! It is really wonderful to see that there are other Australians of my generation that feel this way...I swear, not one of my friends do. I always feel really disconnected from everyone my age because all they seem to care about is binge drinking and one night stands...I hate it. I hate it when people look at me like I'm from Mars when I say that I don't believe in drinking disgusting amounts of alcohol, experimenting with drugs and random sexual encounters, ughhh.

    I try not to judge, but most of the time I feel like I'm being judged for not being into those things!

  2. @harlow darling: Yeh I'll never turn down a drink or two, but once people start teasing me for having a few drinks (i.e. not 10) I start getting pretty annoyed. I think we have much the same idea of what fun is, and alcohol just isn't it for me! I'm a bit disappointed that one of my friends is heading in that direction when I thought she was good.
    And yes, I feel like everyone surrounding me is the exact opposite too - alcohol, sex and drugs.
    At least there's someone out there who feels the same (and isn't living in a monastery :P)!

    You should go next year - totally fun! And only $15 for a concession :)

  3. Looks pretty fun to me- that boy is so cute with his little hat :p I would so go if I lived where you do, and wouldn't care about the loser/nerd tag :) xx

  4. Can I suggest joining one of the local groups? There are plenty of re-enactment and living history groups around Brisbane, and they are massive amounts of fun to be in. I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism about 18 months ago, and I've learned so much about things I would never have even thought about before.

  5. Ooh, this looks like fun! The attention to detail seems pretty amazing.

  6. Brother walked in and said "Knights fighting? Awesome".


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