Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Australia Zoo

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Yesterday I went to Australia Zoo (Beerwah, QLD) with my friend Amber who is studying Zoology at university, so she was an obvious choice. Yes, that is the zoo that is owned and run by the Irwins. There's really not too much to tell about the entire day, you can see from the photos that the animals were beautiful. I enjoyed the aviary immensely. So many beautiful birds, and two cheeky lorikeets who zoomed past everyone, scaring us all in to thinking that they were going to hit us in the head at break-neck speed. I bet they thought it was funny.
The show was good too, when 'Thunderstuck' is turned on all the birds go crazy and twist and dart in the air, usually quite close to your head!
The ultimate-best-part-ever for Amber and I was feeding the elephants at the end of the day. In the morning session there had been a massive line, probably a few hundred people deep. So you might have gotten two gos? In the afternoon there were only a few people, most of which left and we ended up just feeding them for quite a long time by ourselves! Unfortunately I left the picture of me feeding them at Mum's house but I'll find it soon enough.
I have plenty of video, so perhaps one day I'll put that all together - and it's all it HD! I also realised I need a far bigger memory card, I ran out of space after the tigers and had to delete some. So yeah, I took 500 photos. Shutter bug, or what!?
A great day, and I'm so excited that I finally got to go!


  1. Awesome photos! They are so clear and sharp, and I am so jealous of your photo skills. The last one with you being devoured is so funny.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  2. These are such good photos!!! I loved Australia Zoo when I went, they do have a pretty decent selection of animals.

  3. Stunning photos! I'd really like to visit the zoo, it's been awhile!


  4. your photos are stellar!
    keep up the fancy posts lovely x

  5. these pictures are fantastic! i love zoos so much! i really love seeing animals:)
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  6. I love looking at exotic animals like these. The birds are gorgeous! =)

  7. Amazing photos, those birds look beautiful. And I love the elephants! :) x


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