Saturday, May 21, 2011



High contrast version at top and near-original at bottom

Tonight I went outside to take some photos of the stars - the main reason I haven't done this yet is thanks to the light pollution. Nevertheless I am pleased with how these turned out, but it really makes me wish there hadn't been cloud cover on my holiday in the mountains.
I almost wasn't going to post this, but I've been a particularly lazy blogger lately. I bought a super-duper scanner which is so far not turning out to be super-duper at all since the program won't even open. Grrrr. I had planned to scan lots of things including film and painting, but it's not happening!
I also took outfit photos the other day, but they were terrible, so I'm just going to super-glue my tripod back together - I've had enough of this!
On a lighter note I got my Instax in the mail, bought a lovely peach 1950's dress for my graduation ball, lovely necklaces and super-cheap-and-awesome earrings from Lovisa.
I think I'm finally getting over my vague illness, so fingers crossed!


  1. These photos are amazing! The moon these last few nights has been stunning too, it's been so bright out at around 11pm. Looking at these photos I'm really kicking myself for not braving the cold (such a wuss ugh!) and going out with the camera.

    Really sorry to hear about your broken tripod! Before I got mine I used to stack cardboard boxes, chairs, ect to put my camera on so that I could take outfit posts...

  2. Beautiful photos :)

    Ooh make sure you post pictures of your grad ball outfit! It sounds awesome!!

    xx S

  3. They are such dreamy photographs. I absolutely adore the first one!


  4. These are so pretty. My fingers (&toes) are crossed for you. x hivenn

  5. The night is so beautiful, wish I could just go up to the mountains and actually see stars! xo

  6. the difference is quite big, although both look very mysterious and magical. i love looking at stars :)


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