Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review: L'Oreal Professional Expert silver shampoo

I don't usually do beauty reviews on here - but hey, what the hell, it's my blog anyways, and I can do what I want!
I dyed my hair blonde quite a few years ago now, and have neglected to care for it as I should. There are really two main types of blonde: yellow and ash. Yellow is exactly how it sounds, and ash has very little yellow pigment, and is actually more like a white/grey colour, although I keep some beige in my hair. I've been every colour, even purple, but I went back to blonde because the regrowth doesn't look weird as with other colours i.e. dark with light roots.

I've tried a couple of toning products lately, some which promise blonde hair, some which don't - and work for some strange reason. John Frieda Blonde shampoo and conditioner - crap. Didn't work. Goldwell  pastel pearl blonde semi-permanent soft mousse color - great, but a pain when it comes to application. You have two options here: wait in the shower for 20 mins, or get out, stuff around for 20 mins and go back. If it wasn't a weekly quest I wouldn't mind so much, but you need to buy gloves too. I usually put some clingwrap around to keep the hair in place and trap heat. Don't ever let anyone see you this way. I also have a Schwarzkopf shampoo which is no longer available that is really good at toning - even though it wasn't designed for that, at all!

Finally I ordered L'Oreal silver shampoo from, opting for it over the more expensive brands. Overall I would recommend it, my hair is foil dyed, naturally a dark ash blonde, quite fine, and slightly curly. Be aware, it might stain your shower, so be careful.  With most lightening products the hair is fairly dry after you use it, so I use a heavy conditioner like MooGoo afterwards to lock moisture in. If you're going to be stripping colour from your hair then you should expect this. I only put it through my hair and mooshed it around for no longer than a minute or so, and now my hair is fairly ash as you can see above - despite neglecting to use a toner for several weeks. Next time I might leave it in for a min longer, and obviously for anyone with Lisa Simpson hair you should leave it for maybe 5 minutes or longer.
I've heard good things about Joico Color endure violet shampoo, which is also available in a conditioner. Despite being harder to find, I'll be trying it next.

If you're thinking about dying you hair blonde you will have to think about the added costs, otherwise you might as well never dyed it in the first place! Luckily I can just get away with leaving 3 months between salon visits because my hair is already ash blonde, but if you have dark regrowth you'll have to go every 6 weeks.

If anyone thinks they have a better product let me know!

Update: So this post is massively, insanely, search-engined. I'm still using the same bottle 10 months on and I'm still very pleased. It does a great job in between salon visits and I notice any drying effects less now - just leave your conditioner in a little longer, use a 1-minute leave-in hair mask in the shower and/or use a spray afterwards (I use a heat protectant because I straighten my hair now).
I notice that a lot of you have been trying to figure out if this will strain your shower, and here's my answer: if you're looking on google, you already know it has a deep pigment. I have never had problems specifically, but I make sure not to get too enthusiastic about washing my hair while using it and as soon as I wash it out I wash down the walls and shower curtain. If you leave it to stain I have no doubt it will. In short, keep the shampoo on your head and dilute.


  1. Gorgeous hair colour.
    I dyed my hair darkish blonde 14 months ago... and now I have an ombre dip-dyed hairstyle purely due to laziness. Cringe!

    PS// Topshop nail polish New Year giveaway!

  2. Great review! I'm a little cheap when it comes to my hair color and I'm also terribly indecisive. I like platinum hair but I also like silver blonde when I want my hair to look silvery I use an Edward Beale blonde toner and it seems to work, either that or it's a total placebo effect. Then other days I don't bother with the toner because I want my hair to look golden. But jeeze, blonde hair really does require a lot of upkeep...toners...constant re-touching of the roots...*sigh*

  3. thanks for the review!! I'll have to try this!
    I'm always such a sucker for blond enhancing products!
    I tried Lush's Marilyn conditioner and the consistency was like shampoo and I'm still not sure if it did anything... If it was on your radar, I'd say you're better of skipping it!

  4. Love ash blonde, it's such a beautiful colour, and your hair looks great. Nice review. x

  5. Oh, what a gorgeous hair colour! xxx

  6. My mother uses this one.Yor hair is similar to hers. (:

  7. Ah, good review. My favourite toning shampoo has to be Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo (I don't know if you have this available hwere you live or not - I'm from New Zealand). It has a very deep pigment like the photo you show here and is very efficent, although on my white-blonde hair it tints it slightly purple if I use it too much (but that's a sign of a good toning product I think).

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    It is truly the best.


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