Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A good day

A few of photos from the last couple of months on my Pentax ME. I'm getting a little better at setting the exposure and finding the focus. I also bought some 100 and 200 iso film today; I was excited.
Today I got great news - I have two professional job interviews, one in south-east Queensland and one in Sydney. Tomorrow I'll be booking flights and accommodation, looking for things to do, and psyching myself up to be interviewed by a panel at one of the top hospitals in the country. Yeh, like you know, whatever. I'm not having a mini-stroke at all. Hopefully my next post will be full of Sydney pictures, or Seaworld since I'm going there next week. If anyone has suggestions for Sydney whether it be places to eat, things to do or see I would much appreciate it. I'm definitely going to have a day at the Blue Mountains, and shopping in Pitt St Mall. I'll only have 5 days so I'm not going to try and pack everything in, but find some quality things to do.
I'm relieved that I got these interviews. I was starting to feel really super-depressingly hopeless. It's a really crappy feeling. I'm sure anyone who has faced graduation/their future without direction knows the feeling.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Karen Walker ready-to-wear 2012

Kimono top, pink and blue, yellow nails

A retro style with a contrast collar, neutral two-tone brogues, head scarves

Bright pop blazer and bold prints

Origami styling, mustard yellow

Wide legged pants and loafers

Blazers and a relaxed skirt, skinny belts, neckerchiefs

70's brown blazer, shoes and socks, sheer blouse.

Simple tailoring, patterned loose-fit pants and minty brogues
It's no secret that I love Karen Walker. My love affair with this brand started in high school, and 5 years later she hasn't failed me yet. The most recent 2012 RTW collection is no exception. The colours and patterns blend beautifully with the relaxed-yet-tailored style that is quintessentially Karen Walker. Oh, and did I mention the shoes? I want them all.

Source: Karen Walker via

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pentax ME

Pentax ME
Fuji Superia 200 35mm film
SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 lens
See the rest of the photos on Flickr

If you remember my camera collection post not so long ago you may also remember my Pentax ME.  I love it not only because it looks a bit like a Fuji X100 (or perhaps, the Fuji X100 looks like it), but also because it was gifted to me by my Poppy when he found out that I was into film photography - one of the few benefits of having relatives on Facebook. When I first tried to test this camera there was film inside that had been inside about 4 years, and I discovered with much despair that the film was not advancing. So I left it a few months and tried again the other day. Clearly, success!!

I am reasonably happy with the quality of the photos, but I think there is more practice needed on my part too. Some bright areas have halos/reflects, you can see this a little around the cat's white feet, but there are definitely pictures where this is far worst. I'm guessing in these situations that decreasing the aperture would do the trick, because I had it on 1.7 the entire time. Which is fine when it's a test roll - keeping one variable constant makes critiquing much easier. Since this camera is from the late 1970's I shouldn't expect miracles either. A camera this old gives that vintage vibe to the photos.

For anyone who may be looking at this article as a review/reference to buying a Pentax ME here's the lowdown. The first thing you need to know is that this a heavy, heavy camera. I mean it. It's made of metal and thick mirrors, and thick glass in the lens; so it's not happy-go-luck-take-anywhere sort of camera. It's not heavy to pick up, but your shoulder may feel it if you're not wearing a backpack. Having said that, most vintage SLRs are probably reasonably weighted. One good point is that it's way cheaper than a Canon AE-1, lenses are cheap and easy to find, and there's certainly nothing wrong with this camera. This is a manual focus camera; every time you want to take a picture you have to twist the lens to focus. Time consuming, and not great for spontaneity, but advantageous in certain situations. Like me you've probably taken pictures on your digital camera thinking everything was good only to get home and realise that every single shot is out of focus because the camera decided where it wanted to focus. Manual focus means it's all in your control. I find this a nice feature for portraits and flowers.

In conclusion, it was a fun camera to use. I love the vintage photos and I'm glad I own this camera. I was so excited that the film had advanced that I got it developed at the on-site, quicker, slightly more expensive shop.

This is the best article I have found on this camera. Please click through if you would like to know more about this camera.

Pentax ME manual

Edit: I've researched a few more features on this camera and I've made several mistakes such as setting the wrong ASA (I was unsure how to move the wheel - lift and twist!), and there are a few little handy hints on the exposure that I can use now to control shutter speed.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mulberry Resort 2012


Images via

I've been dying to share this for a little while now. As soon as I laid eyes on this collection I knew it was perfection. It really ticks all the boxes for me: heels with socks, denim everything, bright footwear and short suits. It's a very simple collection really; I could see myself wearing everything, but it's not boring either which is what makes it great. I picked my favourite looks, but it looks super-effective and cute when the models are lined up in each segment here. It makes me excited to wear all the clothes I bought in preparation for summer. I can feel spring slowly approaching as the temperature starts reaching 22/23C during the day and there is sunlight earlier in the morning.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter coats

Stil in Berlin - Stella McCartney - Stil in Berlin - Stil in Berlin

Karen Walker - Stil in Berlin - Stella McCartney - Street Style Aesthetic

Nothing makes winter better than owning a big jacket to keep you warm and shield you from the icy winds. This year has been particularly cold in Brisbane (or maybe it was just summer for too long), so I've been eyeing these big structured jackets for cold nights and frosty mornings. I love the simple shape and structure, and while greys and blacks are a popular choice, the bright vintage colours also appeal to me. Wearing colour in winter is always a winner for me because it helps combat those icky-winter feelings, but the versatile and budget-friendly blacks and greys have their place too, especially if you work somewhere conservative.
Having said that I doubt I'll be investing in any more winter clothes anytime soon, it's been about 20°C during the daytime, I've been able to stay indoors, and I have a raging fever, so I've felt quite toasty.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Camera Collection



Most of you have probably figured out by now that I have a bit of a camera-thing going on. I won a camera when I was 14, and 7 years later not only have my photography skills grown, so has my camera collection. I also had another digital camera, but gave it to my mum last week seeing as I don't want too many redundancies in my collection. Most of these cameras I've won, been given, or bought with birthday money over the years. I feel lucky that whenever I think about a new camera they seem to just come my way.  Do you have any favorite cameras, or perhaps one you're lusting after?

Top L-R:
Pentax Espio 145M: A recent purchase; I've only just sent away a roll of film for this camera. I imagine it will be in working order, but then who knows! I bought this instead of a Superheadz Slim because it has zoom, flash and panorama. Having said that I'm still have to hold myself back around a Superheadz Slim on eBay.

Fujifilm Instax 50S (piano black): Poor baby, I often forget that I got this back in late May. I had lunch with a friend yesterday who I influenced with my instax so much that he bought a 'real' Polaroid camera! Needless to say we will be going on instant-camera adventures soon.

Superheadz Golden Half: Takes half frame pictures, and my first analogue camera. Good, light and cheap.

Panagor 80-205mm lens: So heavy! It's made of glass and steel, and compared to the Lumix lens it's just crazy heavy. One thing I do like is the manual focus adjustment, which is good for capturing the exact depth of field that you want. The downside is if your subject moves you have to spend time re-adjusting.

Pentax ME: Gifted to me from my Poppy I still don't know if this work yet, but it's pretty. I've tried film and it just hasn't advanced, whether this was due to the camera or the extremely old film I could not say.

Panasonic Lumix G2: I won this camera a while ago and I haven't looked back. You can really see the awesome quality of this camera when compared with the top picture, taken with the Canon. This was a relatively expensive camera when I won it, however it has really come down it price drastically, probably because the G3 has just come out. Although I'd look into the cost and range of lens compared to Canon/Nikon if I was buying it. Not to mention the amount of second-hand products out there. One plus is that it has beautiful HD video, with a lovely focus.

Panasonic 45-200mm lens
: Auto-focus, how I love thee! Great for little adventures when I'm sitting a mile away from the action and super-light.

Bottom L-R:
Sony Cybershot DSC-P43: My first-ever camera! I won this in grade 9 through a girls-in-IT thing. I recently found the receipt for a 256Mb memory card - it was $84. So many things make me laugh: the teeny tiny screen, 4.1MP etc. Of course it's broken now.

Ricoh 126-C EES: Unfortunately this camera will not be working anytime soon. It takes 126mm film, and even if you can get that you then have to develop the film yourself. Too much effort.

Canon IXUS 105: Naturally I bought this camera just before I won the Lumix G2, so I was a bit annoyed. However, I'm glad I did because it's good for days when you need a camera on you. So many times I've gone over Mum's, the cat has done something hilarious and this camera has proven it's worth. I must say that I find this the best quality out of all my friends' small cameras.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Abbey Medieval Festival 2011


knight fight



kestral - it does what it wants


weasel hat




See the whole set over here

Yesterday I went to The Abbey Medieval Festival in Caboolture, just north of Brisbane. I went last year as well, and it was just as good. This time I took my Mum and little sister; every year Mum says how she would like to go, but never organises to go despite loving medieval culture and dress. So this year I made it happen.

It is really well organised every year - parking, seating, events, decoration, accuracy - everything. The only thing that can't be helped is the arrogance of others - like people sitting on the ground at the entrance to places, they usually get stepped on without an apology. Then that's nothing new.

Whenever I tell people where I'm going I get this look - everyone seems to think it's for nerds and losers, but honestly these are probably the same people that think drinking to the point of being sick is cool.To emphasize my point - it is really fun, and you end up learning some cool things. I have a mainly English background with some German and Spanish in there too (not to mention half the other European countries, I'm sure), so I find it interesting learning about the sort of culture that my ancestors came from, which is not something I often think about. Quite a lot of periods and cultural groups are represented, from the Crusaders to the Gypsies and everything in between.

It's worth going to see people bash each other heads in (really, ambulances turn up), hunting birds fly around, traditional art and music, costumes and the plethora of other things that are there. The bird show was quite funny as the falcon flew away and decided it wasn't coming back for a little while. You could see it doing figure-8's in the distance. Unfortunately it was too windy to fly the massive eagle, which was a bit disappointing, but maybe next year.

I ate some Hungarian langos, which is soooo good and such a guilty pleasure. I'm sure that I killed part of my heart because it's basically a deep fried flat bread, topped with cheese, garlic and sour cream. To ensure that my coronary arteries would be nice and full I also indulged in some strawberries and cream. Now I'll just have to eat vegetables for a week.

One of my favourite stalls was 'Jack the Medieval Furrier'. Now, I know some of you will be jumping out of you skin at the mention, but I'm just not worried about fur as long as it's not endangered, and it was killed humanely. We found an awesome hat with the weasel attached, as you can see above. It was so crazy seeing what lots of different animals felt like - they had beaver, squirrel, weasel, rabbit and so many more. If I'm still around Brisbane next year I'll definitely buy a pretty lilac cape that I saw at another stall.

Please note: This is not a forum for discussion on vegetarianism/animal rights blah blah. There are plenty of forums out there those discussions and you comments here will only be a waste of time. Get off your computer and go do something if you are that passionate.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


As a student I live in one room only, so all my clothes, TV, computer, sewing machine and the rest, all have to fit in; so its pretty messy most of the time. This is the non-messy part of my room! I bought this yellow rose quilt cover at Suitcase Rummage a little while ago; I really like the repeating circles. I also have a yellow-love-thing going on lately.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Australia Zoo

More photos on Flickr

Yesterday I went to Australia Zoo (Beerwah, QLD) with my friend Amber who is studying Zoology at university, so she was an obvious choice. Yes, that is the zoo that is owned and run by the Irwins. There's really not too much to tell about the entire day, you can see from the photos that the animals were beautiful. I enjoyed the aviary immensely. So many beautiful birds, and two cheeky lorikeets who zoomed past everyone, scaring us all in to thinking that they were going to hit us in the head at break-neck speed. I bet they thought it was funny.
The show was good too, when 'Thunderstuck' is turned on all the birds go crazy and twist and dart in the air, usually quite close to your head!
The ultimate-best-part-ever for Amber and I was feeding the elephants at the end of the day. In the morning session there had been a massive line, probably a few hundred people deep. So you might have gotten two gos? In the afternoon there were only a few people, most of which left and we ended up just feeding them for quite a long time by ourselves! Unfortunately I left the picture of me feeding them at Mum's house but I'll find it soon enough.
I have plenty of video, so perhaps one day I'll put that all together - and it's all it HD! I also realised I need a far bigger memory card, I ran out of space after the tigers and had to delete some. So yeah, I took 500 photos. Shutter bug, or what!?
A great day, and I'm so excited that I finally got to go!