Friday, October 8, 2010

Hate to love

All images copyright Karen Walker

I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before, but I'm a bit obsessive with Karen Walker. Most particularly her jewellery, and I'll never forgive myself for not buying her sunglasses at a sale when I was in high school - they were $30 (I, know). Recently she released some new jewellery (above) as well as clothing.
Since forever I've loved the Lion & Hoop pendant, but have always thought it was well over $200. Recently I went to Violent Green and discovered they could order it for a mere $165, so today I bit the bullet and ordered it. I think after 4 years of pining that I have to have it - what else do I go to work for? Unfortunately I've also discovered the delicate skull ring, and while I'm not a ring wearer I think that this is the perfect little ring for me, and at a mere $40 I think I will buy it too.

Violent Green is possibly the most terrible store for me to go to - I could conisistently spend and never stop. If you live in Brisbane I recommend a look, they stock my beloved Karen Walker among many other brands, my favourites being Noemi Klien, a million Holga and Lomo cameras, Victoria Mason and the most beautiful Tristan Blair shoes I've ever seen (however, they are a painful $500!!). This isn't an advert, I just want to live in the clothes racks there forever. I also want this, this, this and this (all Karen Walker).
After this I will stop. I've been going stupid with money and barely saving. I'm a great saver too, which is why I should stop now before I burn half way through my car fund. Instead I'm vowing to distract myself with creative things like art, photography and sewing. Oh, and start styling instead of buying.
My hair is a pretty non-regrowth blonde now! I finished exams today! If I lack posting for the next 5 weeks it's because I'm on clincal placement (I do an allied health degree).

P.S. I won the I (he)ART Chictopia contest! You can check out my interview over here by the lovely Angie.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buzz buzz buzz


Just a few pictures that I took with my Lumix G2. There are a few in the posts below this one too. There was a crazy number of bees buzzing around these flowers, luckily I don't think they were interested in me because they were too busy buzzing! The middle picture is of a necklace the I bought the other day and I thought the silhouette looked nice against my lamp.
I love the 1:1 frame! I might never need to think about buying polaroids or a Diana mini with this camera. There are almost too many features - I feel like I'll never learn them all. I'm probably going to buy a nice macro lens near xmas, I love macro too much to help myself. I've thought about buying an old Canon EOS film camera, or a Diana mini, Holga camera etc, but I think a pretty lens would be a savvier investment.
I other news, today is our anniversary - I've been with my beautiful, loving boyfriend Travis for 2 years now. Even when life is a bit skew-if, he is still my best friend.
Anyways, I don't want to get too mushy on you, that's not my style. I've been thinking that over the holidays I should sew a lot of clothes, and then shoot a sort of lookbook/collection to show them off - as well as being super-fun. I wouldn't sell anything though, I'm fairly amateur, and slow, and to make one dress takes me a day or more. I'm planning on buying alligator clips and making complementing hair accessories. Last night I compiled together all my ideas, so now it's a matter of sitting down and figuring out what I need to do.
The worst of my exams are over now, and I feel like I've done reasonably well, but I still have 4/8 to go *sigh*. This week is also expected to be the biggest wet season in Brisbane for quite a few years, so it's likely I'll be staying home all day in my pyjamas studying.