Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buzz buzz buzz


Just a few pictures that I took with my Lumix G2. There are a few in the posts below this one too. There was a crazy number of bees buzzing around these flowers, luckily I don't think they were interested in me because they were too busy buzzing! The middle picture is of a necklace the I bought the other day and I thought the silhouette looked nice against my lamp.
I love the 1:1 frame! I might never need to think about buying polaroids or a Diana mini with this camera. There are almost too many features - I feel like I'll never learn them all. I'm probably going to buy a nice macro lens near xmas, I love macro too much to help myself. I've thought about buying an old Canon EOS film camera, or a Diana mini, Holga camera etc, but I think a pretty lens would be a savvier investment.
I other news, today is our anniversary - I've been with my beautiful, loving boyfriend Travis for 2 years now. Even when life is a bit skew-if, he is still my best friend.
Anyways, I don't want to get too mushy on you, that's not my style. I've been thinking that over the holidays I should sew a lot of clothes, and then shoot a sort of lookbook/collection to show them off - as well as being super-fun. I wouldn't sell anything though, I'm fairly amateur, and slow, and to make one dress takes me a day or more. I'm planning on buying alligator clips and making complementing hair accessories. Last night I compiled together all my ideas, so now it's a matter of sitting down and figuring out what I need to do.
The worst of my exams are over now, and I feel like I've done reasonably well, but I still have 4/8 to go *sigh*. This week is also expected to be the biggest wet season in Brisbane for quite a few years, so it's likely I'll be staying home all day in my pyjamas studying.


  1. i've just found your blog - you and it are both absolutely adorable!

  2. Cuuute necklace, where's it from?? I thought it was tinkerbell to begin with, hehe.

  3. @Le Fanciulle - It's from Lovisa! There's another bird on the adjacent chain too :)

  4. I'll have to pay that place a visit then!
    Cute blog :)


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