Sunday, August 29, 2010


It has certainly been a busy weekend, I had a birthday party Friday night after work, a friend visiting from afar on Saturday, then work today, with an assignment supposedly in there somewhere. The chandelier picture is from the party and the rest from my tour of Brisbane for my friend on Saturday.
At the party I got a little over-excited when I spotted a work friend wearing a 'Save the clocktower' shirt (Back to the future - I shouldn't even have to tell you!), and shook him, not realising that he was holding a drink, which went everywhere, whoops!
On the weekend I bought a lovely long necklace with spikes and a jewel in the centre. I'm planning on wearing it with a black maxi dress which I will be buying. I've been hunting around for a maxi dress that is simple and not exceptionally expensive. I haven't found a colour I like other than black though, which I am unsure of going in to the summery months. I also bought two simple tops with lace and a pair of khaki shorts, therefore fulfilling my khaki trend urge. I still haven't had a chance to wear my new ASOS dress yet, despite being almost too hot for stockings on Saturday, surely yet again signalling the verge of spring.
I won't write much more tonight as I have a headache from worrying about my assignment all day. This week I'll try for another outfit post! I hope everyone's weekend was more relaxing than mine!


  1. That blossom picture is stunning. Hope your headache gets better!

  2. i like being busy - better than being idle! good luck with the assignment (:

  3. these pictures are just wonderful! :)x
    p.s.yes seeing Paramore again, is justifiable ;)

  4. lovely photos, I especially like the first and last ones!

  5. Ooh, the chandelier is gorgeous!


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