Monday, July 26, 2010

New books!

The other day I said I had purchased some books as well as a camera, well here they are. Two cookbooks by Leanne Kitchen, The Butcher and The Dairy, and a book by Eric M. Wilcox called Clouds.

I haven't had the chance to read any of these books yet, but I just had to get this one. It was only $5 and it gives you a description on what each cloud is all about. It's features, hobbies etc. I always loved learning about the different cloud names in grade 7 so I thought I would get this book so I can annoy others with cloud identification and facts haha.

I really liked the recipes in these cookbooks. I hate buying cookbooks that have sandwiches, salads and THE EASIEST THINGS TO MAKE EVER - it really annoys me. I think I could figure out how to make a salad. I love how it has descriptions and information on each different food type at the beginning of the chapter. It's not enough to just follow a recipe, I need to know why I'm doing something that way, and why it's better. I'm not the biggest meat eater in the world, so my skills aren't quite honed, which is why I bought The Butcher. It has great recipes for other types of meat such as game (quail, venison) and offal, although I think I'll be cooking little of that. The Dairy, well, I could eat cheese everyday. I have a terrible tendency to add it to everything. So remind me why I bought this book as encouragement (oh, that's right, they were both $10).

On a style note, today I bought the cutest romper/playsuit ever, quite similar to Shirly's, but you'll find out more about that in another post. Also, I tried out my new camera today and these are the results. It's no DSLR but I think the colours are good and the amount of control I have is fair for a point and shoot.


  1. Nice !!! :D
    Visit me <3

  2. Thank you so much for referencing me! That means a lot and you deserve a warm thank you! I hope you put up a post of your new romper soon.

    <3 Shirly

  3. Oh my, I do love a good cookery book – I can pour over them for hours – it's just a pity I can't really cook! I can dream I guess. Lovely blog!


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