Friday, December 31, 2010

Xmas wrap-up

- Christmas book and card from my little sister
- Scoobie and bracelet, handmade by little sister
- 99' Daewoo Nubira and keyring from mum
- Futurama calendar and salt + pepper grinders from Lorena
- Derwent colouring pencils from my boyfriend Travis
Overall a very successful xmas! I got the thing I need most, being the car, and while I paid a small portion for it I would have never gotten a car for the price I actually paid. Having said that, it still needs major mechanical work yet, so it  will end up being a bit more pricey. I can't wait to start using the pencils, they're almost too precious to use! My friend Lorena gave me exactly what I wanted, and I didn't even have to tell her - what a champ.
Probably the best presents were from my sister Tifini, who is 8. I always get her to make me things, because I find bought gifts can be a bit generic and I don't really need for much anyway. Myself and mum had a good laugh over her gifts, apparently the reindeer started out as a cat, and the place where the whiskers were ripped off is visible. My sister said that, "it wasn't Chrismassy enough". Her gifts will be going in my bookshelf because they are very precious!
Tifini got a Wii for xmas, which I've been tempted to buy for a while. I might have to buy guitar hero now!
In other news, I'm still looking for another place to move. It's been disappointing at the most, nowhere seems to be properly priced, or the tenants expect too much.
How was everyone else's xmas? What did you get, do and eat?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A busy week

Yesterday my friend Lorena turned 20, finally. So I decided I'd finish making the skirt I promised her months ago which was interrupted by exams. The zipper goes down the back, and I didn't include a picture of the front because it looks the same, but without a zip. Come to think of it, you could really wear this skirt backwards or forwards! I'll have to get a picture of her wearing it as it is hard to imagine, but it sits on the waist and goes to above the knee. I also gave her a Where's Wally mug like mine.

In other news, it's been a hectic week. I got a car, which is so awesome. It's nice being on time for work. Secondly, I have to move house again. It seems I have a curse - every year I have to move. This time the house is being sold, so I have no choice. Sigh, every holidays I have to go through this - packing everything up and trying to find somewhere nice, well-priced, and filled with people who have a life, which is the most difficult part. Maybe I'm just a loner, but I don't believe in trying to make life-long friends with housemates, because at the end of the day I've found it's easier to live with someone if you don't know them intimately. At least now that I have a car looking for a house will be wayyyyy easier!

Food and outfit post to come soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas wishlist

1. Vintage 1960’s mod day dress: A cute 60’s day dress with a graph-paper-like print
2. Porcelain Rabbit with Yellow Bow Brooch: Sarah McNeil by Corky St. Clair
3. Vintage grunge FALL HARVEST babydoll dress: A tartan dress in grungy autumn colours
4. Karen Walker mini skull ring: it’s finally time to buy a proper ring for myself
5. Retro style sunnies in a quirky colour
6. A Skulk of Foxes x-ray elk brooch: X-rays being my career, I just can’t resist.
7. Clogs in a neutral colour such as beige/camel/sand
8. Tortoise shell sunnies in a odd shape
9. Vintage blue Floral day dress: Another vintage day dress
10. A new computer, mine is completely dying. With a fancy-shmancy LED widescreen full HD monitor, naturally.
11. Eating Ghosts no.1 Original Painting: A proper investment without going totally over budget
12. Panasonic micro four thirds lens
13. Retro Fonts and Flashback, as well as a million other books
14. A proper set of real pencils, instead of kiddy Crayola pencils I’ve been using.

Ok, so I have something to admit. I acutally bought the computer and monitor on my wishlist already, however I made this graphic on my old computer and can't be bothered to install programs to change it. And yeah, it's an awesome computer. It's just annoying having to find all your favourites and software again. AND wtf is up with new Windows Live messenger - so annoying. And learning the new operating system is frustrating too. I'll admit that I've yelled at the screen a few times initially. But apart from that, thank goodness for my portable hard drives, and yay for a pretty screen. Now I can install Photoshop, and next on my list is a Wacom Bamboo tablet for pretty drawings.
Since I made this wishlist it has increased exponentially. Yesterday I went to the local fabric store and I was completely in awe of the new material they have in. The MOST beautiful digital prints as well as plenty of others that I have favourited on Etsy, but are cheaper in the store - and no delivery time! Lets just say that digital prints will be taking over my sewing machine after work slows down.

Also, I would like to remind Australian girls (and guys!) to start using sunscreen now that summer is coming along. If not for the skin cancer, but for your good looks. The sun is a massive radiation source which kills cells, and especially those that produce collagen. It only takes 5-15 minutes to get your vitamin D dose from the sun, so don't use that as an excuse either ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Lately I've had a lot more time than usual, and most importantly a lot more headspace. With uni finally over for the year I can push aside thoughts of physics and pathology and focus on drawing lines to make pretty pictures. I've felt like doing some typography lately as you can see. I've also done a few drawings of girls too, but I'm not ready to show them to you yet. Not because I'm afraid you won't like them, but because they are not developed yet, and the last thing I need is someone else taking my ideas and drawing them before I have the chance!
I've been working on watercolour too, but I need to remember to stop putting so much pigment on my palette - it's supposed to be subtle colour, not near-acrylic!
Also, I'm 90% sure that I'll have car by the end of the fortnight! Which will mean a 15 minute drive to work instead of leaving 2hrs early to catch the bus. It's frightful I know.

P.S. I'm also working on a new header, the current one is fairly bland. It will incorporate my little owl though! I could never lose my owl.

P.S.S. Over 50 followers now - yay! I'll have to do a giveaway at 100.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Illustrators to know about

 Above copyright of the listed artists, obviously!

Left to right in no particular order...

1. Sarah Abbott
2. Sarah McNeil  
3. Kris Atomic 
4. Devon Smith                     
5. Illustrations of British Mycology reprint        
6. Lauren Carney
7. Audrey Kawasaki    
8. Courtney Brims          
9. Emily Martin

It should be no surprise that I like a bit of artery, but lately I've been aching for some prints. These are some of my favourite artists at the moment who I'll probably end up buying prints from (or already have), minus Audrey Kawasaki - a bit pricey! Maybe one day. I like illustrators most, probably because I love drawing too.

P.S. I know number 5 technically isn't an 'illustrator' but... someone drew it, and I love it.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hate to love

All images copyright Karen Walker

I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before, but I'm a bit obsessive with Karen Walker. Most particularly her jewellery, and I'll never forgive myself for not buying her sunglasses at a sale when I was in high school - they were $30 (I, know). Recently she released some new jewellery (above) as well as clothing.
Since forever I've loved the Lion & Hoop pendant, but have always thought it was well over $200. Recently I went to Violent Green and discovered they could order it for a mere $165, so today I bit the bullet and ordered it. I think after 4 years of pining that I have to have it - what else do I go to work for? Unfortunately I've also discovered the delicate skull ring, and while I'm not a ring wearer I think that this is the perfect little ring for me, and at a mere $40 I think I will buy it too.

Violent Green is possibly the most terrible store for me to go to - I could conisistently spend and never stop. If you live in Brisbane I recommend a look, they stock my beloved Karen Walker among many other brands, my favourites being Noemi Klien, a million Holga and Lomo cameras, Victoria Mason and the most beautiful Tristan Blair shoes I've ever seen (however, they are a painful $500!!). This isn't an advert, I just want to live in the clothes racks there forever. I also want this, this, this and this (all Karen Walker).
After this I will stop. I've been going stupid with money and barely saving. I'm a great saver too, which is why I should stop now before I burn half way through my car fund. Instead I'm vowing to distract myself with creative things like art, photography and sewing. Oh, and start styling instead of buying.
My hair is a pretty non-regrowth blonde now! I finished exams today! If I lack posting for the next 5 weeks it's because I'm on clincal placement (I do an allied health degree).

P.S. I won the I (he)ART Chictopia contest! You can check out my interview over here by the lovely Angie.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Buzz buzz buzz


Just a few pictures that I took with my Lumix G2. There are a few in the posts below this one too. There was a crazy number of bees buzzing around these flowers, luckily I don't think they were interested in me because they were too busy buzzing! The middle picture is of a necklace the I bought the other day and I thought the silhouette looked nice against my lamp.
I love the 1:1 frame! I might never need to think about buying polaroids or a Diana mini with this camera. There are almost too many features - I feel like I'll never learn them all. I'm probably going to buy a nice macro lens near xmas, I love macro too much to help myself. I've thought about buying an old Canon EOS film camera, or a Diana mini, Holga camera etc, but I think a pretty lens would be a savvier investment.
I other news, today is our anniversary - I've been with my beautiful, loving boyfriend Travis for 2 years now. Even when life is a bit skew-if, he is still my best friend.
Anyways, I don't want to get too mushy on you, that's not my style. I've been thinking that over the holidays I should sew a lot of clothes, and then shoot a sort of lookbook/collection to show them off - as well as being super-fun. I wouldn't sell anything though, I'm fairly amateur, and slow, and to make one dress takes me a day or more. I'm planning on buying alligator clips and making complementing hair accessories. Last night I compiled together all my ideas, so now it's a matter of sitting down and figuring out what I need to do.
The worst of my exams are over now, and I feel like I've done reasonably well, but I still have 4/8 to go *sigh*. This week is also expected to be the biggest wet season in Brisbane for quite a few years, so it's likely I'll be staying home all day in my pyjamas studying.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The cat's out of the bag!

Well, I guess I'll have to say something now! Nuffnang were generous enough to make me the winner of their Panasonic Lumix G2 competition! I was extremely excited when I found out obviously, and I've been bouncing around my room ever since! A big thank-you to Nuffnang of course, you should totally check out their site if you're an Asia-Pacific blogger looking to rent out some advertising space. Panasonic, of course. And Daydream Lily for having a blog so wonderful that I follow, otherwise I would have never known about the competition.

It still feels surreal, and now I just have to wait for it to arrive in the post. Unfortunately I can't have a whole day playing with it until I finish my exams (darn it), but I might sneak a few hours in. I discovered Lumix camera a few months ago when I was trying to figure out what camera I should buy, and was convinced that was the brand I wanted, they obviously heard me!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meow Miu

Alice in the Eve Sophia cat print dress $89.95
General Pants Co.

Above via Krisatomic

Yes, yes, we all know about the Miu Miu cat/swallow/nakedness prints, and to be honest when it came out I didn't know what all the fuss was about. However, I think after seeing it on half the blogs I follow I've slowly warmed to the designs, but especially the prints. I love prints, I can't help it. I drool over fabrics with pretty prints and therefore buy plain colours to sew with rarely. When I spotted this dress at General Pants Co. my brain imploded, and then once more when I saw the price. I've decided that until I get a car to drain my funds, I shouldn't be spending a registrations-worth of money on a dress. Another project I'm adding to my holiday-crafts-fun list will be printmaking with fabric paint. Prepared to be appropriate, cat print.

Spiked necklace from Lovisa

As much as I have been meaning to style this recent purchase, I didn't get a chance to take a photo last time I wore it, so here it is in unimaginative form. A new jewellery store, Lovisa, opened in the Queen St Mall a few weeks ago - and I love it. Totally quirky and different jewelery. Their blog is worth checking out as well. I have a feeling this will be my go-to store for jewellery and the like. They have a wonderful headband there with big beaded stars on it, but it too I might have to appropriate, as it is a little out of my headband price range.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It has certainly been a busy weekend, I had a birthday party Friday night after work, a friend visiting from afar on Saturday, then work today, with an assignment supposedly in there somewhere. The chandelier picture is from the party and the rest from my tour of Brisbane for my friend on Saturday.
At the party I got a little over-excited when I spotted a work friend wearing a 'Save the clocktower' shirt (Back to the future - I shouldn't even have to tell you!), and shook him, not realising that he was holding a drink, which went everywhere, whoops!
On the weekend I bought a lovely long necklace with spikes and a jewel in the centre. I'm planning on wearing it with a black maxi dress which I will be buying. I've been hunting around for a maxi dress that is simple and not exceptionally expensive. I haven't found a colour I like other than black though, which I am unsure of going in to the summery months. I also bought two simple tops with lace and a pair of khaki shorts, therefore fulfilling my khaki trend urge. I still haven't had a chance to wear my new ASOS dress yet, despite being almost too hot for stockings on Saturday, surely yet again signalling the verge of spring.
I won't write much more tonight as I have a headache from worrying about my assignment all day. This week I'll try for another outfit post! I hope everyone's weekend was more relaxing than mine!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yes! Bunting! All those who guessed (I could have made it harder!) it was indeedy bunting that I was making. It turned out quite different to how I expected. If I make more it will probably be along the red, white and blue vibe. I'm still a bit undecided as to where to put it, I'm not sure if I like it against the blue wall, so it might end up in my kitchen, because my kitchen is frightfully plain and ugly - there's lots of gap filler, holes and random nails. I'd fix it if I could, but of course I'm renting. You can't tell from these photos, but the blue flag has vertical blue and white stripes.
Tomorrow I might be wearing a new dress I bought that I'm quite excited about because it reminds me of one of my favourite TV show characters. However this will solely depend on the weather, which was perfect today. Naturally that means I spent all day inside studying for my exam on Tuesday. I suppose when I look back it will be worth it.
Today I got a phone call from my mother, and the most exciting news was that I might be getting her car only if everything falls in to place. It needs things fixed, but otherwise that would soooo awesome. If I save the money (I was going to buy a car) then I'll buy a brand new DSLR, and possibly a 35mm Canon EOS 3000 which I have been eyeing lately. Analogue film is so unique.
All weekend I've been having heated debates about politics, which I won't get into here. If someone doesn't win though, I will be mighty angry. You'll find out who after it's decided. I am liking the fact that independents may decide the government, as they are the ones who know politics and the general track records of the members and the parties.
Hope everyone has a less full-on week!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stars in the pitch black night

So I haven't post anything on here in about a week - whoops, anyways doesn't matter. I've taken some outfit photos, but I just haven't thought they were anything worth boring you with. Just leggings and long tops. Here's something more exciting though. Last night my friend Lorena came over for a chat and I had been experimenting with my long exposure time on my camera and a light. I showed her and she let me do some with her. Pretty cool right? If I wanted to perfect these I should really wear a black mask and gloves too!

This one is my favourite, it looks like they are growing right out of my bed!

I tried to write 'Lorena' with the O surrounding her... it kind of turned out.

Lately uni has been a little hectic, I just feel like everything is catching up with me now. I'm actually supposed to be at uni right now, but Mondays really drain me, and I feel Tuesdays are better spent studying at home rather than wasting time on a bus and in the class gap. I also bought some watercolours the other day, so I'm going to try and learn that skill, perhaps over the holidays more than now. I'm getting excited for holidays and they're not even until mid-November.
I have been meaning to do outfits posts on here, but the problem is that most of my clothes are for summer, not winter. It's not exactly a long season in Australia so investing in winter clothes is rather pointless. Hopefully when it's summer I'll have more to entertain you. Thank-you to everyone who commented on my last post, I was overwhelmed!
Does anyone else do lighting experiments with their camera?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Needing some warm weather

Why? Mainly because I don't have enough warm clothes, which means I've been wearing almost identical outfits everyday. I need to buy a slip so I can wear stockings under dresses, but keep forgetting.

In the meantime here's a lovely outfit from a very old issue of Karen Magazine.

Everything in this photo is styled so well. I would definitely wear all of it, because I can't decide if I like the skirt or the delicate lace shirt better. From a construction standpoint, I'm loving the pattern of the skirt with the green buttons. You can see more of this shoot if you click the link.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Salt and vinegar potatoes

The other night I tried something new - salt and vinegar potatoes. Basically, instead of boiling the potatoes in water I did it in white vinegar. I got the idea from a recipe on 101 Cookbooks. I did them with crumbed chicken tenderloins and some greens, and the vinegar was strong, and I mean strong. I love S&V chips, but woah. Next time I make them I will be doing a half water batch so they are not so over-powering, and possibly slice them a lot thicker. Also be warned that your house may smell of vinegar.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New books!

The other day I said I had purchased some books as well as a camera, well here they are. Two cookbooks by Leanne Kitchen, The Butcher and The Dairy, and a book by Eric M. Wilcox called Clouds.

I haven't had the chance to read any of these books yet, but I just had to get this one. It was only $5 and it gives you a description on what each cloud is all about. It's features, hobbies etc. I always loved learning about the different cloud names in grade 7 so I thought I would get this book so I can annoy others with cloud identification and facts haha.

I really liked the recipes in these cookbooks. I hate buying cookbooks that have sandwiches, salads and THE EASIEST THINGS TO MAKE EVER - it really annoys me. I think I could figure out how to make a salad. I love how it has descriptions and information on each different food type at the beginning of the chapter. It's not enough to just follow a recipe, I need to know why I'm doing something that way, and why it's better. I'm not the biggest meat eater in the world, so my skills aren't quite honed, which is why I bought The Butcher. It has great recipes for other types of meat such as game (quail, venison) and offal, although I think I'll be cooking little of that. The Dairy, well, I could eat cheese everyday. I have a terrible tendency to add it to everything. So remind me why I bought this book as encouragement (oh, that's right, they were both $10).

On a style note, today I bought the cutest romper/playsuit ever, quite similar to Shirly's, but you'll find out more about that in another post. Also, I tried out my new camera today and these are the results. It's no DSLR but I think the colours are good and the amount of control I have is fair for a point and shoot.